Heroic Fisticuffs!

Here's a place where I talk about games, applications, websites, and other things that I make for fun. Mostly roguelikes. And robots. Since my domain is hard to spell you probably came here on purpose.

Site back up (again)

If you're reading this, great! My old site & games all went down because I did not migrate them over when webfaction shut down. (oops) 

HeroicFisticuffs.com is back up now.

I've switched the blog to Ghost, hosted at the same place: blog.heroicfisticuffs.com. So, watch there for any new content. I will leave this blogger content up because I hate dead links.

The main page and Warning Call and a few older games (Heavy Axe, RoboCaptain) are back up. Dungeon Dual is going to take a while, because django has moved on quite a bit since I last touched it.

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